06 июня 2019

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28 мая 2019


Сказать, сколько времени, в английском языке можно, как правило, двумя способами.
6:05 – six (oh [ 'əu ]) five или five past six
6:10 – six ten или ten past six
6:15 – six fifteen или a quarter past six
6:25 – six twenty five или twenty five past six
6:30 – six thirty или half past six
6:45 – six forty five или a quarter to seven
6:50 – six fifty или ten to seven
7:00 – seven o'clock

24 мая 2019

Внимание! Конкурс!

Переводческий конкурс  "We are poets as well"
      On Monday, when the sun is hot
      I wonder to myself a lot:
      "Now is it true, or is it not,"
      "That what is which and which is what?"

      On Tuesday, when it hails and snows,
      The feeling on me grows and grows
      That hardly anybody knows
      If those are these or these are those.

      On Wednesday, when the sky is blue,
      And I have nothing else to do,
      I sometimes wonder if it's true
      That who is what and what is who.

      On Thursday, when it starts to freeze
      And hoar-frost twinkles on the trees,
      How very readily one sees
      That these are whose -- but whose are these?
      On Friday –

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! До 01.06.2019г.     Good luck to you!

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