25 марта 2021

Translator competition

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SpaceX Starship launch: Will SN11 launch on Friday?

SPACEX is expected to launch the Starship SN11 no earlier than Friday, March 26, after calling off two potential launch dates earlier this week. Will the spacecraft launch tomorrow?

 company was pegged to launch the Starship prototype on Wednesday afternoon after attempting a static fire test of SN11's engines on Monday. The rocket that could one day carry humans to Mars is due to launch on its first suborbital flight, following in the footsteps of the Starship SN8, SN9 and SN10. An eight-hour launch window was pencilled in for Wednesday after road closures were scheduled around Boca Chica facility in South Texas.Backup closures were also scheduled for Thursday but both were called off for unspecified reasons.SpaceX fans are now clinging to hopes Friday could be the day SN11 earns its wings.Michael Baylor, a live stream producer for NASASpaceFlight, tweeted: "The road closure for Starship SN11's test flight on Thursday has been cancelled."There is currently a Temporary Flight Restriction scheduled for Friday, but no road closures."
From the Daily Express 

22 марта 2021

British newspapers

Please, watch the video and answer the questions:

1) What are the main   types of british newspapers? 

2) What is the difference between a MIDDLE-MARKET TABLOID and a RED TOP? 

3) What are the most popular tabloids in the UK? 

4) What are the most popular broadsheets in the UK?